Latest Angry Birds update introduces Piggy Farm episode with 15 new levels available right away

While Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have released more Angry Birds games and spin-offs than one might be inclined to count, there is a general consensus among the users and critics alike that the Angry Birds series is one of the best and iconic game we have ever seen on a mobile platform. While you can choose from the various Angry Birds games available on the Play Store, more often that not, you will find yourself back to the original one and Rovio knows that. Which is why they updated the OG Angry Birds game with a cool update today.

The latest Angry Birds update adds a whole new episode on the Piggy Farm and allows you to currently play the first 15 levels right away, with more soon to follow. Rovio has also doubled the number of levels in its Mighty League taking the total tally upto 6 levels every day. Also beware that failing the Mighty league relegates you to a lower level whereas gaining access to the Master League now became a whole lot easier.

The mobile classic which released in December 2009 has made a name for itself with its unique controls and immersive gameplay. While the game is not as graphic intensive as various other games on the Play Store, it doesn’t need to be. Angry Birds has withstood the test of time and enjoys a monopoly few other games ever have. With Rovio releasing movies and merchandise for the Series, rest assured, the birds are here to stay.

Feeling nostalgic? Have a kid around or simply need to kill time? Hit the link below.

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