Android tablet powered by Intel processor seen at FCC

Intel hasn’t been able to make a mark with their mobile chip, the x86-based Medfield, in the US (due to the lack of LTE support) or otherwise, with only two devices seen sporting it till now, but it seems that the first Android tablet powered by an Intel processor may be joining the ranks, according to an FCC listing of a tablet named Red Ridge.

The FCC documents tell us that the tablet will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and will sport a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC chip, but nothing else. While the currently available Medfield chip is single-core only, with Hyper-Threading providing two virtual cores, the tablet might come with a dual-core Medfield chipset that Intel are working on for a release next year. However, with no release dates known for now, that’s just speculation, and though even a 2.0Ghz single-core Medfield processor will be powerful enough as seen from performance of the RAZR i, it just won’t interest people enough if they are told it doesn’t have two or more processor cores.

The Red Ridge tablet should get announced at the CES next year, but whether it will carry the same name or whether it is just a temporary moniker remains to be seen (I’m hoping for the latter). Stay tuned for more info on this mysterious Intel-powered tablet.

Via: Notebook Italia | Source: FCC