Android Pie update for multiple Galaxy J7 2018 U.S. carrier variants given a thumbs up

J7 2018 Pie update USA

Samsung’s budget phones can be confusing with their naming scheme. For instance, the phone that is the Galaxy J7 2018 has multiple names in the U.S. depending on which carrier you get it from.

Verizon users know this phone as Galaxy J7 V while T-Mobile and AT&T users have it as the Galaxy J7 Star. On Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, this same phone goes by the name Galaxy J7 Refine.

Now, the Wi-Fi Alliance has cleared multiple carrier variants of the Galaxy J7 2018 to receive Android 9 Pie update. The phone started selling with Android Oreo preinstalled and with an update to Pie, it marks the first major OS upgrade for the budget phone.

We’ve recently seen a number of Samsung Galaxy J7 variants receive two major OS upgrades. While we can’t say whether this will also be true for model SM-J737, we hope Samsung does include it in the update to Android Q later in 2020.

In fact, the predecessor to the J7 2018 recently got cleared by the same body to receive Pie, which is a testament to the above statement.

The fact that the WFA has cleared the Galaxy J7 2018 to receive Pie means that the wait is almost over, probably anywhere between two to six weeks.


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