Android Oreo update for Galaxy C9 Pro, C7, C7 Pro and C5 Pro to begin beta testing soon

galaxy c9 pro nougat update

Samsung is mostly done with updating its high-end smartphone lineup beginning from 2016’s Galaxy S7 to last year’s Galaxy S8. The company has also updated the upper midrange family of Galaxy A3 2017, Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A7 2017 and while we expect the 2018 Galaxy A8 to join the party soon, new developments from China claim that the company has similar plans with respect to the lower midrange family of Galaxy C handsets.

The Galaxy C series hasn’t been around long enough and given its limited availability, there probably aren’t so many people looking out for this news. Nonetheless, it’s said that Samsung will begin beta testing Android Oreo on the Galaxy C9 Pro this month of June 2018.

Soon after, in mid-July, the beta testing program will be extended to the Galaxy C7, Galaxy C7 Pro and Galaxy C5 Pro, but there’s no mention of the standard Galaxy C5.

It’s worth noting that this information is possibly aimed at those in China because the Galaxy C series was initially meant to be exclusive to this market. However, somehow and as usual, these handsets have been finding their way to other markets, meaning that people outside China are probably using the Chinese variants.

Samsung did start selling the phones in a few markets outside China, which implies that those in these markets may not be allowed into this program. Still, it’s great to see that Samsung is working on updating these devices to Oreo.

As for the expected release date, the wait may go all the way to August and beyond.

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