Marshmallow Update for Moto G3, G2 and 1st Gen Moto G

So Google has finally announced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update officially on stage. The first OTA updates of the freshest Android will be pushing to supported Nexus devices after 4th October. But what about non-Nexus phones like Moto G 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen. and 1st Gen, which are pretty close to stock Android OS like Nexus phones.

Well, it’s Motorola’s business to update Moto devices, not Google’s. So you’ll see a delay in Android Marshmallow update for Moto G3 and Moto G2, as compared to Nexus devices.

1st Gen. Moto G Marshmallow update

For the 1st Gen. Moto G, sadly, Marshmallow update won’t be a possibility. The device is well over its age to get support for latest Android updates. But that doesn’t mean you wont boot Marshmallow on your 1st Gen. Moto G. We’ve good faith that custom ROMs community will get you Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Moto G. CM13 will be your best hope.

Expected release: No. Never. Nope.

2nd Gen. Moto G2 Marshmallow update

For Moto G2 Marshmallow update, we are pretty confident that Motorola would give the 2nd Moto G a taste of Android Marshmallow. However, the update maybe delayed for 3-6 months. Firstly, because it isn’t a flagship, and secondly, it’s pretty aged (over a year old). But all in all, Moto G2 will Android 6.0.

Expected release: Q1 2016

3rd Gen. Moto G3 Marshmallow update

For Moto G3 Marshmallow update, well, it’s sure to happen. And Moto G3 will be one of the first Moto devices to get the Marshmallow update. The device is the only Moto G with 2GB RAM, and is selling pretty hot. So Motorola should be taking care for the freshest Android update to hit the Moto G3 as soon as possible.

Expected release: Nov – Dec 2015

That’s all the info we have on Android Marshmallow update for Moto G3, G2 and 1st Gen. Moto G.

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