Android Market Update Starts, Compatible with Android 1.6 and Higher Devices

Android Market Update

Google just let us know via their Android Market facebook page that the update to android market has begun rolling out. If you’re running android OS version 1.6 or higher, your device is eligible for the update too. While no country-wise plans were specified but Google did specify that the updation should be completed over the next two weeks.

It’s the first time android market has seen such massive update bringing in a new face of the market and lots of improvements. Let’s point them out:

  • Better UI
  • Search even faster now
  • Related apps info
  • Ratings system is improved too
  • and much more (You’re on your own to find them out!)

Some users were able to get the update before hand and thus pics (at the top here) of new UI have already surfaced the net. The user views of the new UI are mixed and it can be said that not ‘all or say majority of users’ were impressed. Check out the pic above to get yourself the feel of what this update will do to your android market.

Personally, I’m not that fond of too-much green color in the new UI apart from it eating a hell lot of space. But, there are times when it simply looks better, maybe that has to do with a re-freshening look brought by the change itself, or it’s just it will take some time to adjust with it.

Let us know if you are getting updates and what do you feel about it. Also, we love the fact that devices running as old as android 1.6 have been kept in support by Google!


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