Android Gains Market Share at the Expense of other Mobile OS

Android Market Share

Well, the ComScore is back with its numbers and we’re not shocked as far as mobile OS market share data is concerned. The android explosion has seen other mobile OS lose their market share — a  trend ever since Google’s launched it’s OS for mobiles — and it hasn’t changed this quarter too. Pretty much predictable!

The latest reports from the ComScore revealed RIM as a leader (still!) with 37.3% market share, while among others, only android managed positive numbers as rest of OS saw a decline in their share (except Apple). The droids are now in hands of every one out five persons in the US. You gotta give credit to Apple since it managed to not lose market share and remained firm at 24.3 percent.

The Android’s share this quarter was reported to be 21.4%, up from just 14.9% in previous quarter. That makes a 6.5% increase which means a 44% growth measured annually.

The 6.5% android grabbed came (among the top ones) from RIM, Microsoft, Palm and Others, each losing 2.8%, 2.8%,  0.5% and 0.4% respectively.

What do you think how long the exponential growth android’s been seeing will last? And what prospects do you judge of Windows Phone 7 and will iOS will be able to keep it’s market share? Say it all in comments.

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