Google Chrome Will Arrive Soon to Cars With Google Built-in

Google is updating its Android Automotive OS with a much-anticipated app – Google Chrome. If you own a car with Google built-in (Android Automotive), you’ll soon be able to browse the web using Google Chrome. 

The functionality is currently rolling out to select Polestar and Volvo cars in beta, so we can expect it to arrive for other models in the near future. The Chrome browser will be connected to your Google account and offer existing bookmarks, preferences, and settings based on your account and past usage. 

Experience cars with Google built-in

You’ll be able to use Google Chrome on supported cars when your vehicle is parked. From what we can decipher from Google’s own video, the UI resembles that of Google Chrome on Android tablets, consisting of a search bar at the center and your bookmarks and recent pages under it, tabbed browsing, and more. 

In addition to Google Chrome, the company is adding new apps like The Weather Channel, PBS KIDS, and Crunchyroll to cars with Google built-in. We can also expect more cars to come with Google built-in later this year, including select models from Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, and Porsche (in the future). 

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