Android 4.2 update for Sony Xperia Z may come out in March

With the Xperia Z, Sony has delivered an amazing smartphone that ticks all the right boxes except for one – like all Sony flagships in the past, it runs on one Android version lower than the latest available from Google. However, according to Xperia blog’s sources, the Android 4.2 update may arrive on the Xperia Z as soon as the end of next month, at least in Europe.

The tipster who has leaked out this wonderful piece of info also managed to send a screenshot of Android 4.2.2 running on the Xperia Z to Xperia blog, which shows the build number of the firmware to be 11.1.A.1.450. The source does mention that the build number will change in the final version, while the Linux kernel will also see an update to version 3.6, up from 3.4 used currently on Android 4.1.2. A notable thing here is that the device seems to be running Android 4.2.2, which was only released to Nexus devices a week ago.

Android 4.2 includes a number of major new improvements and features, including a new lockscreen that can now accommodate an unlimited pages of widgets, support for Miracast wireless display, the Daydreams screen saver mode for showing photos and other info when a device is charging or docked, and performance improvements under the hood which provide for faster app switching. Other features include a 360 degrees panorama mode in the camera, though this one is exclusive to Nexus devices so it might not make it to the Xperia Z or any other non-Nexus device.

The screenshot and time frame mentioned could both be false though, so it is best not to get too excited about seeing the latest and greatest Android version on your Xperia Z necessarily next month. On the other hand, if Sony does manage to roll out the update so soon, well, who’s complaining?

Via: Xperia Blog