Android 4.2.1 update rolling out for Nexus 10, fixes December bug

With the Android 4.2.1 update rolling out to the Nexus 4, you didn’t think that Google would leave its Android 4.2 flagship tablet, the Nexus 10, out of the loop, did you? No? Good, because the 4.2.1 update is now being pushed to the Nexus 10 as well.

The update is only 1.1MB in size, and adds the missing month of December in the People app, as well as fixing Bluetooth, which was a bit unstable for users on Android 4.2. That’s about it for the changes though, and I’d say it was merely to fix the December issue as November comes to an end, so any performance improvements or a fix for the reboots some users were experiencing will have to wait till the next update, though you can try the Google Currents fix for fixing the lag on your Nexus 10 if you have any.

The update isn’t yet available for manual flashing, but we expect that to change any time soon, after which we’ll be sure to post a guide on how the 4.2.1 update can be sideloaded on to your Nexus 10. Meanwhile, be sure to check for the update on the tablet from the Settings » About tablet » System updates menu.

Via: XDA