Android 3.2 Update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 — JJKJ6 Firmware

For those of you who haven’t upgraded to 3.2 yet, this is the Stock Honeycomb 3.2 ROM for your Galaxy Tab 10.1. To save you the trouble, It is pre-rooted, but has no other mods or tweaks included. It is assumed that you already have a working Clockworkmod Recovery installed on your Tab, and are familiar with the basics of flashing a ROM through CWM.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the file from this link
  2. Move the downloaded zip file to the root of your Tab’s internal storage
  3. Reboot into Recovery
  4. Perform a Data Wipe ( Wipe Data/Factory Reset & Wipe Cache Partition) This is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Pls back up your data if you decide to Wipe before flashing
  5. Install the zip file
  6. Once the install is complete, reboot.
  7. Congratultions!! Enjoy Android 3.2 🙂
  8. [Optional] Share your thoughts with us in comments below!