Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update for SE X10 Released. But Who Still Got the X10?

Yea.. Sony Ericsson still thinks there are still some X10 users left in this world — well, it’s right too. So, here is the latest — and last, probably — update to Sony Ericsson’s X10 smartphone which has finally gotten its hands on the Gingerbread build. And it’s not by way of hacking or any warranty-voiding trick, but it’s a legit update from Sony Ericsson itself. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, after all the company had promised us back in Q1 of this year that they plan to update their X10 to Android 2.3 too some time in Q3, which is now.

You could say that SE waited to sell well its new smartphones – Xperia Arc and Play and other still-1GHz phones – before updating the X10, but pat on shoulder to SE for keeping up its promise even though we (forgot the X10 altogether, eh!) wonder how many people were eagerly waiting for this — and have thus shows resistance to SE’s own Arc, or greater dual-core options in Galaxy S 2, HTC Sensation, etc.

If there is a SE X10 android phone near you, check out this update page which will guide you to update X10 to Android 2.3.3. But the Gingerbread isn’t alone, you’ll also find these extra features:

  • Facebook inside Xperia – a series of unique integrations of Facebook into your multimedia apps, phonebook and calendar
  • The possibility to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Music player with equalizer
  • USB tethering – share your 3G data connection via the USB connector
  • Photo widget – one click access to your photo gallery app
  • App tray sorting – arrange your apps in the order you want them

If you’re holding on to your X10, sure this is pretty much a big news to you. We hope you enjoy your stay with the X10, but if you’re planning a new phone know that there is a Galaxy S 2 out there — the best android phone, you know.

Via Android Central

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