Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot Not Working? How to Fix

Google released Android 12 for all owners of the Pixel 3 or newer models and the latest mobile OS from the company has been more than just a fresh paint of coat. Besides changing the look and feel of Pixels, Android 12 has made these devices more functional than ever. One such feature is the new ‘Capture mode’ option that adds the ability to take scrolling screenshots natively on a Pixel device, something users have requested for a very long time. 

However, some users have complained that the new scrolling screenshots feature doesn’t work on their phones as the ‘Capture mode’ option doesn’t up when taking a screenshot on Android 12. In this post, we’ll help you fix this problem so that you can get back to capturing long screenshots as you intended. 

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Android 12 Scrolling screenshots not working? Know this

Scrolling screenshots is a native feature inside Pixel phones on Android 12 but some users aren’t really able to use this new functionality on their devices. There have been several instances reported by users who say that the ‘Capture mode’ option to take scrolling screenshots appears once in a while or doesn’t appear at all. If you’re one of those who’re affected by this issue, here are a few reasons why this may be happening to you:

  • You may be taking screenshots from the Recents screen. 
  • The screen you’re trying to capture may not be scrollable.
  • The screen you want to capture may contain sensitive information.
  • The app you’re trying to take long screenshots on may not support the new scrolling screenshots functionality. 
  • You may still be running Android 12 on your Pixel device. 

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5 Ways to fix scrolling screenshots not working on Android 12

If you’re not able to use the ‘Capture mode’ option on Android 12, then you can fix it by following any of the methods below. 

Fix #1: Know the right way

The first thing to make sure is that when taking scrolling screenshots is to learn how to use the new feature first on Android 12. Since scrolling screenshots is a native functionality on Google’s latest mobile OS, you can use it by first going to the screen you want to capture and then triggering the screenshot on Android. When a screenshot has been captured, its preview will appear on the bottom left portion of your screen.

If the screen you are on supports the feature, you should see the ‘Capture more’ option next to your screenshot preview. To capture a long screenshot, tap on this ‘Capture more’ option. 

From there, you can expand the total area that you want to capture by dragging the top and bottom edges. We have prepared an in-depth guide on capturing scrolling screenshots in the post we’ve linked below. 

â–¶ How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Android 12

Fix #2: Use phone’s physical buttons for scrolling screenshots

The new ‘Capture more’ option only seems to appear when you trigger the screenshot functionality using your phone’s physical buttons; that is when you use this combination – Power button + Volume button. You won’t see the ‘Capture more’ option when you tap on ‘Screenshot’ from inside the Recents screen. 

We believe that is the case because taking a screenshot of an app from the Recents screen puts this app in the background, thus eliminating the purpose of scrolling screenshots. The app only remains in the foreground when you use the physical buttons on your phone and only then can you capture scrolling screenshots on Android 12. 

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Fix #3: Make sure the screen is scrollable

To capture scrolling screenshots, you need to ensure that the screen you’re about to capture is scrollable. If the screen you are on doesn’t have much content to scroll through, you won’t see the ‘Capture more’ option when you trigger the screenshot function on your phone. When your current screen has only a single page to capture, the ‘Capture more’ option won’t show up on such an occasion. 

Fix #4: Check if an app supports scrollable screenshots

Although the ‘Capture more’ option is built natively on Android, it currently supports only a handful of apps. We tested the scrolling screenshots feature across several apps on Android 12 and these are the ones that support the ‘Capture more’ option – Contacts, Facebook, Files, Gmail, Instagram, Spotify, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Youtube Music. You may also find other apps where this ‘Capture more’ option may pop up. 

However, some apps still don’t support the scrolling screenshots feature which includes the Google Chrome app that comes pre-installed on Pixel phones. The same can be said about other browser apps like Firefox and Brave, neither of which also show the ‘Capture more’ option when you press the Volume down and Power buttons together. 

Fix #5: Update your phone to the latest version

The option to capture scrollable screenshots has existed since the initial beta builds of Android 12. But beta releases are unstable and can constantly show issues; and the only way to solve them is by updating your Pixel phone to the latest stable build. If you’re someone who is still running the Android 12 beta firmware on your Pixel device, then you can update it to the official version of Android 12 by going to Settings > System > System Update. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing scrolling screenshots on Android 12.


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  1. With Android 12 on a Pixel 4a….Does not work…#fyi

    1. Yes it does. Not all apps and programs support it right now. Reread this article for the information.

    2. Alan eats rotten cheese

      The capture most likely does work.

      I know it works in phone settings on my Pixel 6. It also works SOMETIMES in Chrome depending on the site. So some sites it works…others it doesn’t. Personally I have found that it mostly doesn’t work in the vast majority of times I’d like to use it.

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