An Android app to get your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ updates at one place – Social Network Overview

There’s no doubt that a way to get access to all the feeds from different social networks in one place is something that’s very useful. Social Network OverView is a new app released in the Google Play Store that allows you to just that, by aggregating the feeds from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other news sources in a single place.

What’s good about Social Network Overview is that you don’t need to be registered to a social network or website to follow a user’s public posts on the particular network/website. The app shows all your different social network feeds chronologically, and includes other functions such as automatic updates of the feeds, searching through feeds, opening content in an in-built browser, and more. With the paid version, additional personalization is possible, like changing the color of notifications, number of posts, adding unlimited feeds, and lots more.

Some features like a homescreen widget, searching through Facebook posts, etc are coming in future updates, though the  lite free version will stay the way it is right now and future functionality will only be added to the paid version. Hit the links below to download Social Network Overview on your Android device. Let us know how it works!

Update (October 19, 2012): The app has just been updated to bring you a new modern interface, new details view (with 3D cover flow), support for large profile pics and ability to disable updates at night, apart from fixing mugs here and there.

Check it out, and share your thought with us in comments below.

Social Network Overview Lite  |  Social Network Overview – $1