Altel Leo shows up at CommunicAsia, Features 14MP camera

Altek Leo

The rapidly growing android mobile market is catching everyone’s attention these days and Altek in no different. Thus influenced, the DigiCam manufacturer starts its foray into mobile phone industry (where rival Sony is already there) by showcasing its promised android phone, the Altek Leo which sports a whopping 14 megapixel camera. Anybody excited? Camera Lovers?

Credits to Google because it’s android that’s making such forays easier for companies like Altek to try their fortunes in cell phones. That’s cool, because we totally believe in competition as it brings good to customers, always. Hope Apple doesn’t mind it. Who cares anyway.

Altek revealed that the phone will come with Android 2.1 while 2.2, Froyo is in the works but kept mum on expected Froyo upgrade date.

Now, being a camera oriented company, it took pride in throwing all details it could when it came to Leo’s camera. To begin with, the image sensor found in Leo is a 1/2.3-inch CCD, a standard in point and shoot standalone digicams and yes, camera enthusiasts may take privilege in that. What’s more is dedicated shutter and a rocker for zoom control. Oh, there are some very dedicated buttons also, for zooming in and out and for capturing image.

The release policy of Altek takes a diversion from standard ones as it opted Asian markets first beginning with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where Altek is well known and thus will have pretty ready (read as willing to try) customers at its disposal than anywhere in Europe and North America.

Estimated price of Leo is $499 while expected release date in above mentioned markets is Q4 2010. Altek has a long way to go for scheduled release, and it would not surprise us if Android 2.1 goes out of fashion (totally!) then, even in Asian markets. Plus, we know that megapixel is not all that counts in shooting photos, esp. when your device has phone capabilities.

Altek Leo camera

Altek Leo dedicated buttons

Let’s see how much Altek is able to make good from this new venture while it remains to be seen how will it compete against rival Sony offering in the android market.

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