AirPainter Android App: It’s Really Cool to Leave Your Status/Remark in the Air

AirPainter 2.4 android app

You’re watching a soccer match in the stadium and wanna share your thoughts about it. What would you do? Send SMS, update FB/Twitter/etc or make a call to loved ones or simply chat with people nearby. Surely, there are more ways. But wouldn’t it be cool if you had an app that will let you share your comments, thoughts or remarks with everyone around you, by storing the comments in the air so that everyone there or whoever comes later can view and react with them. Awesome, No?

For example, using an app, you can leave a comment that ‘I just watched historic goal that won Spain the 2010 Soccer World Cup’. Now everyone who comes to the stadium later can check your views and get the feel of what historic place it has been. You can use the concept in Cinema Halls, School, Restaurants (about what food you loved the most), etc. You can throw more of these real world uses in the comments.

The point we’re making is that you can do all the stuff we just discussed above using the AirPainter android app. Here is what you need to know in order to make a great meal out of it.


  • The application basically lets you read and send messages to public around you by tying messages to a geographic location of the user
  • Register yourself and then store you current location either using map within the app or by specifying it manually
  • From the options, choose the diameter preferred – it’s the radius for finding messages around you
  • Specify cache size – those on low memory should keep an eye on it, although it’s not that important unless you plan to use this app very heavily
  • Set the Auto Refresh on or off, as you wish
  • Now you’re good to go. Just update your location (if you haven’t done it till now) and watch the comments people left in around you
  • You can write your views about the place so that visitors will be able to get the feel of what you witnessed
  • Since you can specify location manually, you can make a comment in the soccer stadium by selecti8ng that location manually, even when you’re home. Nice!
  • Obviously one needs to use the AirPainter app, to check out the messages aired for that place
  • BTW, you actually draw your messages rather just typing it out. It’s fun!

Let us know what you think about the app. How much entertaining it was for you and what other real world uses to made out using this application on your gphone. Check out more cool apps here that let you interact with people using your location.

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