AI to Summarize Text: A List of 10 Best Tools!

With the abundance of information we have access to, the need to summarize content in a way everyone understands has become a priority. With the advent of AI, the process of summarizing text has become quite easy and efficient as it’s capable of analyzing any length of text and can extract the most critical information from them. 

If you’re a student, researcher, or professional and you want help concise texts using the magic of artificial intelligence, the following post will explore some of the best AI tools available for summarizing text. 

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1. Summarizer

If you wish to summarize texts for free, Summarizer (website) is the way to go as it offers a handful of summary options to choose from and it starts summarizing your text with AI as soon as you start typing or uploading the document you wish to summarize. The tool currently supports summarizing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Indonesian and has no word limits or daily restrictions.

You get the option to set the summary length by adjusting the percentage slider according to your preference. In addition to creating summarized paragraphs, the tool can also be used to create bulleted points of the input text to make it easier for others to read your article. Additionally, there’s an option that shows you the “Best Line” of content from the entire length of the text you added as input. 

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2. Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool (website) can be considered a basic alternative to the Summarizer tool above which is also available for free without restrictions. You can summarize any length of text using this tool with a summary length slider at the top but unlike Summarizer, this tool will only let you switch the length to 25%, 50%, or 75%. You can paste texts of any word length or upload a file from your computer to summarize texts in it. 

You’ll see a word count under your input and summarized text for ease of use. You also get options to view the best line from your input text or view the summary in the form of bulleted points. Additionally, the Summarizing Tool also allows you to check for plagiarism and lets you paraphrase your text to get a new look while retaining the info from your original text.  

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3. Resoomer

Resoomer (website) is yet another free-to-use summarizing tool (no subscription or sign-up required) that lets you convert length texts of any length to a summary. You can use the tool to let it automatically summarize your text at optimal length or manually choose the length of the summary you want to create. It has a bunch of customization options including an Optimized setting that lets you enter keywords that you want to keep in your text and the tool will then suggest a rephrased summary with these chosen keywords.

There’s a Text analysis option that highlights key passages from the text you entered to help you eliminate parts that might be unnecessary in your summary. Additional options include translating (to any language using Google Translate built-in), rewriting (to give your text a different outlook), paraphrasing, and saving your summary in DOC or PDF format. 

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4. QuillBot Paraphraser

For those of you who want a few more options to customize summaries but don’t mind paying a premium for them, QuillBot’s Paraphraser (website) tool can be pretty useful. It can summarize your input in 7 different ways – Standard, Fluency, Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative of which you can the first two modes for free. 

When creating an alternate text, it offers you options to apply synonyms for words, rephrase specific sentences from the summary with multiple options, rewrite grammar, detect tones in text, and check for plagiarism. The free plan only lets you convert texts with 125 words without any of the above customization options but you can check your text’s statistics for fluency, readability, and more. 

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5. (website), like the tool mentioned above, offers a handful of summary modes to convert text – Standard, Fluency, Word Changer, Creative, Smarter, and Shorten; of which the first three options are free to use. The free tier lets you paraphrase your text up to 600 words (on Fluency and Standard) and 2000 words (on Word Changer) and when the text is paraphrased, you get options to change the highlighted words with alternatives. 

Once a text you enter is paraphrased, you can then summarize it further, check for plagiarism, or correct its grammar. Its premium plans support lengthier texts and offer more modes to paraphrase texts for a price of $7 per week or $20 per month. 

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6. Genei

If you need a more extensive summary tool, Genei (website) is the service you may want to subscribe to. The platform lets you use its summary tool as a free trial for up to 14 days after which you would need to purchase its Basic or Pro plan to continue using the service. Its features include extracting key points and sentences from your input and using keywords to shorten any length of the text to your preferred word count. 

In addition to adding texts, you can import from documents and webpages to summarize the content into paragraphs, pointers, or search for an excerpt from the text you entered. You can ask the tool questions regarding the input text and the AI will get you relevant answers from it. Additional features include a reference generator, citation management, rephrasing, and paraphrasing. 

7. StudyCrumb 

StudyCrumb (website) is essentially an AI writing platform that also lets you edit and proofread your content by choosing your level of expertise. It’s primarily designed for students of any academic level ranging from high school to Ph.D. and its pricing is flexible according to your desired academic level and the due date you want to get results in. 

For ease of use, StudyCrumb lets you use its Summarize tool for free without sign-in and you can summarize any length of text (at least 500 words). The tool will then create a summary with a summary ratio that it determines on its own. Other tools include a plagiarism check, grammar correction, paraphraser, readability checker, title/conclusion generators, and more. 

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8. Jasper AI

Jasper AI (website) in some ways resembles the above tool as it’s known for its AI writing capabilities but it also offers a summarizer that lets you extract key points from a piece of text. You can use this tool to generate multiple iterations of summary for the input text to see which one looks the best out of the generated options. You can also create summaries in different languages with 

In addition to summarizing text, you can use Jasper’s child template to convert any existing text into a language that’s easier to read and understand for a child and the tool lets you choose a grade setting to rephrase the text for a specific age group. There’s also a rephrasing tool that lets you replace words and phrases from your text with alternate options. 

9. TLDRthis

As apt as its name is, TLDRthis lets you create short summaries of lengthy texts in two different forms – key sentences and AI summary. You can add texts from your clipboard or a webpage link to get short or detailed summaries. The tool allows you to retain key sentences from any text for free without sign-up but you are required to create an account on the platform to use its AI summary tool. 

Free users can generate up to 10 summaries using AI in addition to 10 paraphrases after which they would need to subscribe to TLDRthis’ Starter, Professional, or Business plans that start at $4 per month. The summarizer tool offers metadata extraction to provide you with information like author name, title, reading time, related images, and posts. 

10. Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI (website) is a popular service known essentially for generating and transcribing meeting notes, but it also offers an AI Super Summaries tool that lets you view valuable insights from the input text. You can extract important keywords, bite-sized bullet points, outlines, and overviews from texts of any length. 

The service currently supports summaries in 7 different languages. There’s an inbuilt AI feature that lets you ask questions about a portion of the text and the tool will then answer your query based on the text you entered. 

Get productive with the help of AI

In conclusion, with the vast amounts of information readily available to us, the importance of summarizing content in a clear and understandable way cannot be overstated. Fortunately, the emergence of AI, especially this year, has refashioned the text summarization process for good, making it as quick, effortless, and accurate as ever. We hope the list above helped you. Do let us know if you have any queries about this.


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