Adobe launches Adobe Scan app with reusable content and Adobe Document Cloud integration

When it comes to studying and taking PDF based notes, the combination of Cam Scanner and Adobe Acrobat Reader was the best for getting the job done. Well, that duo has now changed with the launch of Adobe’s own Adobe Scan app, as this leads to tighter integration between both the Adobe apps with Adobe Document Cloud.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has been around since prehistoric times. Heck, the PDF format itself was introduced by Adobe back in 1993! So they obviously know what they are doing with Adobe Scan.

Coming to the app itself, it is basically capable of capturing your documents, enhancing them, removing the noise, and providing them in an editable PDF or even Microsoft Office Word format. Adobe claims here that the underlying tech is more advanced than it looks.

If the OCR or Optical Character Recognition didn’t work perfectly due to, say, the poor print quality of the text, you can easily edit out the mistakes with Adobe Scan’s reusable content.

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With Adobe Document Cloud you will be able to work more efficiently. You can easily go back and forth from your phone to PC without having to go through the entire process of using one app to scan, another app to read the PDF and then copy it to your PC.

Once your sign up for your Adobe ID, you get 2GB of free online storage with the Creative Cloud Free membership. In a nutshell, Adobe Scan bundles a satisfactory user experience.

→ Download Adobe Scan app