Acorp’s 5 inch Android tablet costs just $88

5 inch $88 android tablet by Acorp

Want a iPad like slate which is totally cool to carry at screen size of just 5 inch with very very low cost? Then a $88 Acorp android tablet is what you really need to know about.

The $88 price tag is really amazing, it is almost equal to what your current generation of super phones costs monthly.

If you think I am kidding with you, watch it playing in the video. It’s running Android version 1.5 but reports suggest that upgrade is under the works and will come soon. Although no concrete word is available, we would gamble on Android 2.1 upgrade.

Nevertheless, Dell’s android tablet costs more than $500 but this tablet which is ARM9 based and is powered by decent Rockchip 600 Mhz processor costs you less than one-fifth of that and fits your pocket beautifully. For some reason or another, you still don’t own an android phone, it gives you a cheap option to witness the power of android at just $88. You will know your decision was right after you have touched it, touched android, touched freedom and that goodness.

Via Android Guys

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