A Chance To Win The Amazing Gold Motorola XOOM Tablets

Twitter Giveaway

While we were just talking about how Moto gave away the Gold Motorola XOOM to Oscar nominees, the mobile giants just announced a contest where 2 lucky winners would be given out the Gold Motorola XOOM. The contest is running on Twitter, so you better house your browser over there so start your chances of winning the world’s first honeycomb tablet — a true android tablet by many means, if not all.

Here’s where you need to impress Moto to win the most awaited android gadget of the year 2011 — LINK. Contest rules and other details are already there, and a great chance for y’all to win. So hurry up…

By the way, in case you don’t happen to be the ‘two’ of the millions of Xoom fanboys who will be definitely trying their luck out the twitter, don’t be so disappointed, after all you can still purchase it from Verizon Wireless starting $600 — which is fully worth and a very sound purchase you’re gonna get delighted for full year. Really!

Via Droid-Life

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