9 Impressive New Android Apps

We know our readers loved our last collection of android apps “9 Awesome FREE Android Apps“, so we continued it with more awesomeness and made it even more juicy by taking in only latest apps i.e. apps which were launched recently, within 30 days of this post. Yes, that required us to test the apps and satisfy ourselves that only apps deserving of the your time, makes it to the article. We are glad to have 8 FREE android apps and 1 PAID app that cleared the tests, and are in line to make a mark on your android phone — read On.

We will be coming up with two more articles on the same theme of ‘Impressive New Android Apps’. So please be back to check out those two articles too. We expect to finish them very soon, 2-3 days max. The reason behind following up this theme is that we have more impressive apps (new ones, of course) that we want to share with you but need some time testing them. That’s why 2-3 days, nice enough?


1. QuickMark QR Code Reader (FREE)

We too are in love with the ‘Barcode Scanner’ android app but that does not deter us from trying new apps. The latest app that we found challenging the throne of Barcode Reader is QuickMark  QR Code Reader that can read multiple barcode formats, be it Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code 39 and Code 128. Well, it can search the identified product and it does look over the requirement (regarding formats) but keeping extra soft-weapons does not hurt either. Who knows when we’d be caught in an odd situation where these hyper codes will become a life saver. Any guess?

Market Link

QuickMark QR Code Reader

2. Flash Player 10.1 BETA 3 (FREE)

Flash Player 10.1 BETA 3

Only Froyo users here please. Very highly regarded (?) and most missed feature on the smartphones, Adobe Flash, is now available to android users running Froyo on their phones. Flash Player is a free app from Adobe Systems to enable Flash on Froyo handsets powering them to play online games, watch videos, and use other flash based apps. As a measure of welcome, Adobe invites you to visit m.flash.com to check out some cool flash sites. Privacy settings have been a major concern this year and Adobe has taken adequate caution by specifically providing some tools at https://settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile to let its users manage their settings hassle free. But we think these should be available in the app itself.

Market Link Flash Player 10.1 BETA 3

3. Onion News Network (FREE)

Onion News Network

We know why YouTube android app is one of most favorite apps. you love watching hell lot of videos like us, whenever internet connection is kind or WiFi is in the range. What about one more video dedicated app? After all, we do like keeping an extra ace up or sleeves, don’t we? The Onion News Network (ONN) has brought us an android app which got all the videos from its network lined up for your seeking eyes and are being constantly updated too. Pick up your favorite ones from the latest and popular videos, search the vast (as claimed!) archives of ONN with the ability to sort the videos show-wise.

Market Link Onion News Network

4. SwiftKey Keyboard Beta (FREE)

SwiftKey Keyboard Beta

It’s still in beta but like all popular and handy still-in-beta apps, it impresses. The keyword prediction is very helpful in increasing the typing speed of even the fastest of typing machine-cum-humans while even a layman can easily understand its working and use it conveniently from day one. It’s not at all hectic to use, rather it says — come explore and have fun, literally! Its error correction is fantastic and the app now supports up to nine languages: US, GB, ES, FR, DE, IT, NL, PT, SV. Notable features of the app include AutoComplete, AutoAccept, AutoCaps, 4 different keyboard layouts and an option to set volume of sound and duration of vibration when you press key(s). That’s haptic feedback customization, actually. If you have a query or experiencing any trouble installing it, visit swiftkey.net/faq for help and also let developers know of it. BTW, full version of the app is coming soon.

Market Link SwiftKey Keyboard Beta

5. EStrongs Security Manager (FREE)

EStrongs Security Manager

It’s FREE but it really provides you all premium services. The EStrongs Security Manager lets you put a lock to your personal data like SMS, Contacts, Call Log, Dialer, apps, etc and also scans your phone to identify and remove security threats. In case phone is lost, it lets you remotely lock dwon the phone just by sending a SMS from any other phone in specified manner and get a SMS back to know the location of the phone and SIM card info. Amazing! all this for FREE. If that wasn’t enough, you can also backup your data to your gmail account using the app. Must-Try Must-Have app. Let us know what you think of this one.

Market Link EStrongs Security Manager

6. Rdio (FREE)


You like friends or person for their taste of music, follow them on the music subscription service Rdio, with its android app. The service is currently available only in US, so there is nothing much for the non-US androiders here. You may not even be able to download it from outside US android market. But for those in US, it’s a decent app to keep track of what other people are listening to, be it your friends or simply avid music lovers. You can also share music of your interest on Facebook and Twitter. That apart, it allows you to sync songs, albums and playlists to you phone for hearing those hot songs when offline. Great!

Market Link Rdio

7. Gala S ADW Theme (FREE)

Gala S ADW Theme

With lots of apps we’re telling you, you’d need a theme also to freshen up the in-phone surroundings. Right? So, assuming that you too are an ADW fan like most of android users out there, try the new Gala S ADW Theme. Mind you, it’s designed keeping in mind large screen (HDPI) phones only. But may support MDPI phones too, although not completely. Full support is in the works — so better wait than trying it on small screen sized phones. Your choice. Have a look at screen shots above to get the feel of the theme.

Market LinkGala S ADW Theme

8. Fast Web Installer (FREE)

Fast Web Installer

We at the theandroidsoul love appbrain.com for its great service in making available the android market (the one applicable to people in US) to all android users around the world to surf the market painlessly, using a favorite web browser. This was one big gap left by Google, which the website is filling up admirably. Need we mention their automatic spam filter function, which makes browsing even faster by minimizing spam apps, so that they don’t bother a user anymore.

We discussed all this background info about appbrain.com here for some meaning. Because the website has launched another nice app (after AppBrain App Market android app) which now lets you install apps directly from your android browser while surfing the website. Yes, no need to jump to and fro between browser and market app, if you love using the website for finding apps, like us. The website need your credentials and approvals to let that happen and that’s the reason behind this app that weighs just 68 KB. Follow the instructions once you’ve installed the app on your android device to grant it required permissions and you’re done — now visit http://www.appbrain.com on mobile and install apps directly from there. Cool!

Market LinkFast Web Installer

Premium Android App Launched Recently

9. Shazam Encore (UK £2.99)

shazam encore

Chances are very high that you already know about or have already used Shazam, one of the most popular android app. Shazam Encore is paid version of Shazam, that lets you discover, buy and share music anytime anywhere. Oh, you have to use to be a fan of the app. Shazam Encore does the same job as its free version but it gets you unlimited recommendations and unlimited tagging features, something that music enthusiasts really want in their daily part of the life. The app also brings Tag Chart, Tour info, Videos and more stuff to your android phone.

Market Linkshazam encore

Okay, that was it about today’s impressive new android apps and we will surely bring you more such apps very soon.

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