4G LTE for Galaxy S II variant for Verizon? Yes, Sez Verizon’s support before saying Nope!

The Verizon’s support account on twitter can’t stop tweeting — whether their tweets are based upon full-info, half-info or no-info at all. First, their twitter account surprised everyone (literally!) with the mention of 4G LTE support for their Galaxy S II variant (the pic above). But the next thing we hear from them is a rectification tweet(s), the guy stating that he was speaking about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the tweets below), and thus not about the Galaxy S II variant for Verizon of which nothing official has been said ever.

Whoa, so the Galaxy S II and tab 10.1 all look same to him?

We know you would have pardoned any other twitter account for such a blunder but when a support forum tweets like that, what else is left expecting. Anyways, we enjoyed it — we’ve become more and more accustomed to twitter being used to create a misunderstanding before being used again to clarify things and controlling the damage done.

No LTE Galaxy S II

NO Galaxy S II

But here is a thing — the Verizon’s support forum didn’t say that Galaxy S II won’t be a 4G LTE device. So, those who want, can still have their hopes tied to a Galaxy S II variant with 4G LTE support. But if that happens, the upcoming Droid Bionic which has 4G LTE support confirmed, won’t make much sense. The LTE support is the single advantage Droid Bionic has over Galaxy S II. So, given how smart Verizon is in creating a good mix of product portfolio — in which not one device is the best and the greatest features can’t be found in single device (something which Nokia had perfected in early 2000s) — we think Galaxy S II won’t have LTE. That’d be terrible, though, we completely understand. The Galaxy S II LTE device would have surely made a the best phone, moreover, a perfect phone.

What do you think?

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