2ghz HTC phone with Gingerbread and 10MP camera Rumored for Sprint at Year End

HTC Logo - Quietly Brilliant

We really find it hard to believe what we just heard but it’s said that HTC is working on a 2Ghz phone. codenamed as HTC Sabor,as revealed by Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide (OZCARGuide). FYI, Sabor is an Spanish word for taste or flavor.

We thought only Motorola was up to making a 2Ghz phone, the rumor surely surprised us here.


The upcoming HTC smartphone destined for Sprint packs a 2GHz processor, over 1000 resolution display, Android OS 2.5 (gingerbread), 2 cameras with one being a 10-megapixel, 1080p video recording and built-in kickstand.

Here is a complete breakdown of features planned for ‘Sabor’ as found in the above rumor:

  • 2Ghz processor
  • Display that is superior to Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen
  • Android 2.5 – Gingerbread (we know it should be Android 3.0, going by what we hard so far)
  • Dual Camera phone with 10MP camera in the back capable of recording at 1080p
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Resolution of over 1000, we think its something like 1280 x 760, we hear in the latest leak about Android 3.0, gingerbread

The phone is said to be headed to Sprint and is scheduled for Late 2010 or early 2011. Could it be the Nexus Two? Or is it EVO 2?

Fun Fact: The rumor is already under scrutiny as it has been found that the source holds poor image when it comes to rumors — which makes it difficult for us to trust his ‘most trustworthy tipster’ — and thus it may not hold out to be true. Well, we enjoyed the rumor although it’s still hard to believe about ‘Sabor’.

And in case it turns out true later, we would totally believe in HTC’s slogan – Quietly Brilliant. What’s your take on this, say in comments.

Via Android Guys

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  1. This would be effing epic!!! The phone should properly be dubbed the god phone.

    1. Lol!

      If you call any phone today (even in rumors) a God Phone, be prepared to replace your God every 2 years.
      The rate at which smartphones are evolving these days, even GOD PC would want to get insurance cover against the smartphone’s tech evolution.

      Anyway, if it launches soon it would be a GOD phone!

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