16 GB Refreshed Galaxy S3 Priced $349 at Telus Canada

Earlier today, we wrote about Verizon Wireless offering some great deals on new as well as pre-owned Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices. Now it looks like deal fever has travelled northwards from the US across the border to Canada, and boy has it travelled fast.

Telus is offering what they call a refreshed 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 for $49 only, with a three year service agreement. But if you don’t want to be locked down to a contract, you can also pick it up for $349 outright, which is quite a deal for a phone of such calibre.

Refreshed or Refurbished  devices as they are more commonly known as, are unused, or very lightly used devices, usually in perfect and brand new, but were returned between 2-4 weeks from the day they were purchased.

In case you are sketchy about getting one of these, knowing that refreshed devices come with a 30 day return policy, as well as a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase, should make your decision easier.

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