10 Best Gacha Club OC Ideas

Gacha Club, the much-anticipated sequel to Gacha Life is here and kids and young teens across the globe are excited to make their own OCs and create content with them. You can combine characters, add them to a variety of scenes, enter studio mode with dialog boxes, and play with other baby-faced chibis that are already in store for you.

If you have already learned toย make a Gacha Club OC, the following post will provide you with a wider base of ideas that you can apply when creating your characters using different variations of items available to you.

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The game isn’t available for any platform other than Android but if you want some action, here’s how to install Gacha Club on a Windows PC. Yes, you can play the Gacha Club game on an Android emulator called BlueStacks on your PC, and our initial impressions say that the game runs well on it.

Your chibis are going to school

Since the game is mostly played by kids, how about we dress your Gacha OCs the way you would as if they were to go to school. Pick a formal shirt, trouser or skirt with contrasting accessories like shoes and ties to give with it, like a uniform would and send your chibi to school.

If not a uniform, dress your OC up in an outfit you think is appropriate for a scene in a school or classroom.

Cute gothic chibis

Gothic style has been a popular trend in any dress-up game and making goth chibis is still something many are into. You can dress up your OC in dark and dramatic colors,ย usually black with intricate accessories for a sophisticated look. You can also take inspiration from characters in Gacha Club’s own Corrupted Units club and create your own with changing items of clothing from one to another.


Vintage dress-up

You can doll up your Gacha chibi with popular styles from the past. You could base it from an old movie you watched or a character from an old comic book. You can also try out accessories that you otherwise won’t use like gloves, bows, and more. Take a look at the picture below and see if you can make a vintage-style Gacha OC.

Chibi goes to work

So you have a story with your favorite Chibi going to the office and you want to give it a conservative, business clothing makeover that reflects power but with some quirkiness. Dress your Chibi in formal wear that goes well with your character’s occupation and add trendy accessories like a fancy bag or gadget to go with its professional look.


A Gacha wedding

Another idea when creating your Gacha Club OC is to dress them up in wedding wear. You can keep the color palette solid and simple but with bright shades. This way you can experiment with different hairstyles and accessories for your OC’s face and head.

Your favorite fictional character/superhero in Chibi-style

So you like Gacha but you also love superheroes and other fictional characters. Don’t budge, you can still make your OC with some inspiration from a character that you like. You can customize your OC’s outfit to that of your favorite character like this user (below) has done with the Hogwarts uniform. To give it a proper distinction from the rest, you can add masks, props, wings, capes, and more, depending on how you define your character.

Tomboy/hipster Chibi

Another way to define your Gacha OC will be to create a tomboy or hipster outfit for your character. A proper way to do a tomboy look will be to add graphic tees, baggy clothing with solid masculine colors like brown, navy blue, grey, and black paired with loose torn jean trousers/shorts. To top it off, you can add a hat or shades to give it a bold look. To get your OC a hipster look, add a tee or shirt with bright colors, skinny jeans, and top them off with glasses and cowboy shoes.


A Royal appearance

You can design your OC with a king-like appearance by giving them a conservative yet casual look, like something princes and princesses would wear. You can dress up your character in a trench coat, blazer, skirt suit with minimal jewelry or props. Accessorize the look with gloves, a bowtie, or a bold hat.


Twinning your Gacha OC

You can make two OCs with a similar set of style or coordinating outfits. You can use this as an inspiration when creating stories that include siblings, couples, or best friends. You need not go overboard with the clothing as your OCs can have different dresses but with a matching color palette.


Check out some more

Creating your OC holds no barrier. You can try inspirations based on the styles we mentioned above and if you want to mix and match, try adding two ideas to the same character. Maybe it will work out for you or maybe it won’t but you’d only know that if you keep trying and check what your imagination leads you. You can get more ideas for your Gacha Club OCs here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Get going! Make your OC on Gacha Club and share it with us.

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