ZTE K81 Android 7.1.1 tablet shows up at Wi-Fi Alliance

A new ZTE made tablet device has appeared online and just been certified by the WiFi alliance. This means that this new tablet could be announced very soon.

We don’t really know any details about the tablet device, except that its model number is K81 and that it runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. Another device with model number K813 had showed up on Geekbench in March, but that was a smartphone.

Last year, AT&T and ZTE had launched an 8-inch tablet called the Trek 2 HD, which carries the model number K88. Therefore, this new K81 tablet could be a smaller and cheaper variant, or it could be a completely new tablet.

Since the ZTE K88 tablet was carrier-exclusive, this new tablet could go in the same direction. We will let you know more when other details are available.

via WiFi Alliance

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