You’ll Soon Get An Even Better YouTube Music Radio (AI Generated)

What to know

  • YouTube Music will soon let you create AI-generated radio stations based on your prompts.
  • Once available, you will see a new “Ask for music any way you like” card in your Home feed.

One of the better ways to discover new music on YouTube Music is via ‘Create a radio’. But Google has an even better feature in the works – AI generated radios!

So if the YouTube Music Radio isn’t tuned to your liking, you can simply type a prompt and let the AI create a custom radio to your liking. As with all things generative AI, you’re only limited by your imagination. 

You’ll see a purple “Ask for music any way you like” card in your Home feed once the feature is available to you. 

Image: Reddit

The card will open to a new screen with an AI prompt field at the bottom. Here’s where you will enter your prompt in text or use your voice as an alternative. If you’re not sure what to prompt, there will be suggested prompts just about the prompt box. 

Image: Reddit

When the AI has generated your custom radio, you’ll see the results in the playlist card above. The AI radio station uses your prompt as its name and comes up with a description as well. Although it’s not confirmed, you should be able to change these as you see fit.

There’s no clear timeline on when this feature will be rolled out to users. We’ll be sure to update you when the feature begins rolling out. Until next time!

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