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Android Q isn’t anywhere near the final product, but we are already here talking about why you should look forward to Android R, the successor to Q.

Android R won’t be here until 2020, which means we have another year of waiting. Perhaps one of the reasons to keep you anticipating for the arrival of R is the confirmed addition of scrollable screenshots.

According to Dave Burke, Android R will get support for scrollable screenshots, a feature that has been around in custom ROMs for years now. Burke says the team has “added scrollable screenshots to the hopper” with plans of making it part of R.

Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and Xiaomi phones already have this feature working on top of stock Android, but as usual, Google is playing catch up.

While it’s clear that Google Pixel fans would have preferred the feature to be bundled in Android Q, it’s still good news since it had been marked as infeasible in Google’s issue tracker.

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