You can enable Soli in your country with this hack [Pixel 4]

When the Pixel 4 got launched, we got an official look at its most anticipated feature – Motion sense through Project Soli. However, things took a surprising turn when Google disclosed that its latest flagship smartphone will only be sold in select countries and not globally.

This was because the Soli chip inside the Pixel 4 used the 60GHz spectrum and IEEE 802.11ad protocol that are not allowed to be used in regions like India. Thanks to a new hack, you can now enable Soli on a Pixel 4 even in countries where the phone is de-licensed.

A Junior member Eugnis on XDA Developers has posted a workaround for enabling Soli on any Pixel 4 unit. The member notes that the use of Soli is restricted through phone number country codes which can be bypassed by editing the System Properties through root permissions.

In order to disable country code checks on Soli, you need to change android setting ‘pixel.oslo.allowed_override’ to ‘1’ or ‘true’. This can be done through two ways – one by editing system/build.prop by using MagiskHide Props Config and another by executing commands mentioned below in adb shell.

adb shell setprop pixel.oslo.allowed_override true

adb shell "setprop persist.pixel.oslo.allowed_override true; setprop ctl.restart zygote"

You can also try out this third option if you have installed Xposed Manager on your rooted Pixel 4. Inside Xposed Manager, users can enable an Xposed module by the name ‘EnableSoliOnPixel4’ to automatically turn on Soli on their Pixel 4 units. This method has been tested to be successfully working in China.

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