You can Enable Cellular Data to be Always Active on Android M for faster network switching

Don’t like to fall off the internet even for a few seconds? Well, Android M has you covered with a new feature called “Cellular data always active” which keeps you mobile data always active, even when Wi-Fi is active to facilitate fast network switching.

This is actually a pretty cool feature, but we won’t recommend you to always keep it enabled on your phone if you care about battery life. Keeping mobile data always active alongside WiFi could negatively hurt the battery. We’d be testing it out in the coming days as to how much it effects the battery life, will be sure to share the results.

If you’ve got a Nexus device and have Android M installed, you can try it out from developer options under under Networking features.

How to Enable “Cellular Data Always Active” mode on Android M

  1. Go to Settings » About phone » scroll to the bottom and tap on Build number seven times to enable Developer options.
  2. Go back to Settings page and select “Developer options” from here now.
  3. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see “Cellular Data Always Active” toggle under Networking options.
  4. Enable it and you’ll have fast switching from WiFi to mobile data.
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  1. Any updates on how this affected battery life?

  2. Any updates on how this affected battery life?

  3. Abandoned this article HARD.

  4. Abandoned this article HARD.

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