Xiaomi’s MIUI9 8.3.8 makes batch uninstalling apps a painless exercise

MIUI9 8.3.8

There’s always that debate about stock vs skinned versions of Android. Each camp has reasons for their affection for either version of Android and around here, the love for some skinned versions like the MIUI has always been evident.

In the latest version of MIUI 9 China Developer ROM 8.3.8, Xiaomi smartphone users will now be able to uninstall multiple apps at a go. This is a cool addition that you won’t easily bump into and it is designed to make your life as painless as possible.

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As you’d expect, the new feature, which has been buried under “Manage apps”, users will be allowed to mark/select the apps they want to uninstall or even opt to “Uninstall all” apps.

As usual, the update should also bring about a bunch of bug fixes and other performance enhancements. Xiaomi hasn’t yet provided the full changelog, but when it does, we’ll know more about what other stuff the update brings.

The latest MIUI9 8.3.8 is rolling out over the air, but it’s limited to the Chinese ROM.

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