Xiaomi Mi Box release date is close, passes through FCC

We know a lot of you in US are waiting patiently for Xiaomi to launch its Mi Box in US. And you know what, your wish would soon come true as the device just hit the clearance listing at FCC.

The Mi Box is already listed at Xiaomi’s American website, here, with current status set to ‘coming soon.’ With the today’s showing of the device at FCC, we’re very hopeful that that status will soon change.

mi box usa launch

The Xiaomi’s Android TV will be easily one of the most anticipated launch in this category of Android devices, and it’s already been huge success in China, where it was launched ages ago.

It wasn’t surprising that Xiaomi chose not to release one of its blockbuster device as its first launch in US, because the company was already pretty clear that there will be no phone launch in 2016 at least.

We expect the Xiaomi Mi Box to release pretty soon in USA now that it’s passed through FCC with flying colors, and if we are to guess, the launch could be only few weeks away. So, yes, mid-August is when we could see the device launch and become available for purchase in US, both at retail stores and Xiaomi’s own online page.

xiaomi set top box usa release

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