Xiaomi introduces Homescreen Lite mode in latest update

Xiaomi Lite Mode

While there are those who can’t go past stock Android or something near, you got to love Xiaomi’s MIUI skin. Save for the usual hiccups here and there, MIUI is one of those skins that are full of nifty little features you won’t find on stock Android or even other Android skins.

The latest to join the party is Homescreen Lite mode targeting older users of Mi smartphones. This is basically a tool that helps Xiaomi users create a minimalistic homescreen with no clutter. For older people, it relieves them from the pain of having to go through so many apps in search for what they want.

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This feature is part of a new MIUI 9 update that brings ROM version 8.4.12. However, this is still limited to the Chinese Developer version, but of course, the Global version should get this feature very soon, too.

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