Windows Photos Gets Dynamic Zoom, Brings Slideshow, Share, and Metadata Info to the Front

What to know

  • The Photos app on Windows is getting an update that will make it more convenient to access slideshow, share options, and metadata info while viewing photos. 
  • You can also zoom photos from 10 – 80 percent of their original size. 
  • There’s also a new ‘Device Import Options’ feature that will allow you to manage when to transfer media from your local devices. 
  • The update to the Photos app is rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channels.

Microsoft is updating the Photos app to make it easier to access frequently used options, zoom up to 800% of the original image size, choose when to import photos, and more. The update is rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channels. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Windows Photos app gets Viewer and Import Enhancements 

The update to the app mainly concerns the options that you can access on the Photos Viewer and a new feature to manage transferring photos and videos from a local device.

Access ‘Start’ slideshow’ and ‘Share’ options on the Photo viewer

When you open a photo, you’ll now see important actions such as ‘Share’ and ‘Start slideshow’ in the top left corner.

Earlier, these were hidden away behind the three-dot overflow menu.

Zoom images from 10% to 800% with Dynamic Zoom Slider

The Photos Viewer also lets you view your photos from 10% to 800% of their original size. The zoom slider on the right will help you achieve the same level of adjustments.

Photo Metadata Information

You can also now view the metadata information of the image from the bottom left corner of the Photo Viewer. 

According to Microsoft, this is one of the most-requested features for the Photos app – and understandably so, since you won’t have to move away from the photo viewing experience to know simple details such as the resolution and size of the image. 

New Device Import Options

The Photos app is also receiving a new import feature that will allow you to manage the time when the transfer of photos and videos takes place. 


A few other changes include faster load times for the Photos Viewer, improved by 2.1 times to be precise, and the clubbing of Microsoft app shortcuts in a dedicated section toward the top right of the Photos Viewer.

To get these features, update the Photos app to version 2024.11060.20004.0 or higher (from the Microsoft Store > Library > Get updates).

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