Wild Rumor: Samsung Galaxy F Specs and Image Leaks!

The famed Galaxy F, the most premium device to date from Samsung supposedly, or the Galaxy S5 Prime if you may, is there above. This is the rumor.

This comes off from a very trusted source on Internet, @evleaks, but this is the first time we would take his leak with a pinch of salt. Why, because he has himself said so.

This is an unconfirmed rumor for now, but, that device above might very well be the Galaxy F, which is said to bring an end to Galaxy S line. But not a Galaxy S5 killer, eh!

What is plainly means is that, THERE WOULD BE NO GALAXY S6! Okay, simply put, no Galaxy S6! But it should be called Galaxy F1, no?

Whether this device above turns out to be true or not, here are the specs that were rumored along with the image you see above.

Rumored Galaxy F Specs

  • Quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor — the best there is available today — will be part of impressive hardware Galaxy F would boast of.
  • 5.3-inch Quad HD display is here. After the LG G3, it’s obvious that Samsung’s next high-end would surely feature with Quad HD display.

Nothing else is know yet. But expect latest Android OS and battery of around 3000 mAh or more.

Galaxy F Release Date

And the Galaxy F is expected to be announced at Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 event, which should be in September.

And if we are to assume September October release date, which would collide with the Galaxy Note 4 release, we can also assume the Galaxy F will be running Android 4.5/5.0 out of the box. Android 4.4.3, releasing today, might be old already for the Galaxy F.

It’s also wise to hope for an early Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 event, for the Galaxy F. And another one, Episode 3 perhaps for the Galaxy Note 4, so that there is enough gap between two big launches of Samsung. Which makes sense.

That said…

Let’s not forget it’s a distant guess whether the Galaxy F is real, or not!

Via Evleaks

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