Why now is the best time to sell the Galaxy Note 8?

Buy Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are already available for purchase in most markets across the globe. As you’d expect from the latest and greatest from Samsung, the S9 twins, more so the bigger Galaxy S9+, pack a big punch.

If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and would like to upgrade to the latest Samsung phone, the Galaxy S9+ is the best option available. Unless you can afford to have both phones, now might just be the perfect opportunity to sell the Note 8 as you make the switch to the newest kid on the block. Want to know why we think so? Read on.

Galaxy Note 8 smartphone

You are fine without the S-Pen

Unless you can live happily without the S-Pen on your smartphone, let’s get this straight, this talk isn’t worth it. Becuase if use the S-Pen, or just need to have it, whether that be for business use or personal or any kind of use, you need a Galaxy Note devices, and there is only one such device worthy to keep, the Galaxy Note 8.

But yes, if you can live without the S-Pen, then there are a whole lot of reasons why you are better off to Galaxy S9+, if nothing else.

Galaxy Note 8’s value will fall soon

Some smartphones have good resale values and there’s no doubt the Galaxy Note 8 is one such phone. However, don’t expect to recoup much from the $1000 you paid for the Note 8, especially now that the Galaxy S9+ is here and the clock is also ticking fast towards the launch of the Galaxy Note 9.

Speaking of which, the closer we get to the Note 9’s launch, the more the Note 8’s value will keep falling.

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Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone

Galaxy S9+ is a better deal

It’s true the Galaxy S9+ doesn’t significantly stray from the visually impressive Galaxy Note 8, but you are getting a brand new and way better dual-lens camera, a superior and better-positioned fingerprint scanner and above all, the latest chipsets in Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810, just to name but a few.

So, if you are not the type of person who finds the S-Pen particularly interesting and your only reason for buying the Galaxy Note 8 is the bigger display, well, 0.1 inches won’t make such a huge difference when everything else about the Galaxy S9+ is ahead of the Note 8.

Galaxy S9+ has almost the same screen size

Speaking of screen sizes, the Galaxy S9+ has a 6.2-inch panel while the Note 8 has a 6.3-inch panel, all with the same specs. Visually, you won’t be able to notice any significant difference between these two, which makes it baseless to skip the S9+ in favor of Note 8 just for reasons linked to the display screen.

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In fact, the slightly smaller size on the S9+ means you get a crispier display screen that is also sharper compared to the Note 8. But once again, the difference won’t be noticeable, especially to the naked eye.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Galaxy S9+ is a better value for money

After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung needed something to quickly turn the tables around and with the Galaxy Note 8, there’s no doubt the Korean tech giant made a bold statement to cast away any doubts.

Since its launch, the Note 8 has remained the supreme smartphone for those looking for big-screen, big-power, big-price devices, but with stories of the Galaxy Note 9 already showing up, this supremacy won’t last long. In fact, the Galaxy S9+ is already proving to be a great Note 8 alternative, especially when looking at the impressive upgrades it comes with over the Note 8, yet it’s slightly cheaper.

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Right now, you can grab the Galaxy S9+ for about $850, but getting your hands on the Galaxy Note 8 may set you back more than $900 or even close to $1000 in other markets.

Project Treble, AR Emoji, Super slow-mo videos and more

And then there’s the flurry of new features that the Galaxy S9+ comes with out of the box – features that will – or might – never make it to the Note 8 whatsoever.

Besides the new processor, better camera and new fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy S9+ also ships with Project Treble out of the box, supports AR Emojis, lets users record super slow-motion videos of up to 960fps in HD and has other small additions that are missing on the Galaxy Note 8.

Video: Galaxy S9 super slow mo vs iPhone X slow motion

Overall, the Galaxy S9+ is a great piece of hardware and a suitable Galaxy Note 8 alternative for someone who wishes to upgrade, however, this will only work if you can accept to live without the S Pen.

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  1. Sorry mate but I don’t agree with the viewpoint that the S9+ is a better bargain than the Note 8 simply because it is part of the S series which is seperate from the Note line. If a Note 8 fan were to consider upgrading it would be to the Note 9, which would be a true upgrade.

    1. If you are a Note fan, it is completely understandable that you want the Galaxy Note 9 as your next buy.
      But the whole point of the articles was that in case you are not using the S-Pen, then you are getting a better phone in the Galaxy S9+. Given the very marginal cost, or even none of that depending on the deal you can get, the camera on the S9+ is worth it — you get super slow-mo, AR Emoji, etc. features and overall a better camera, while the display’s size remains almost same, too.
      It’s easy to stumble into many Galaxy Note buyers who bought it because they wanted a larger display, and don’t use the S-Pen a lot, too. For exactly those users, selling the Note in favor of the S9+ is best to do now. But yes, if you are Galaxy Note fan, then you are a Galaxy Note fan. I also know people who buy a Galaxy Note phone for the S-Pen, and for them, there really is no alternative on this planet, such cool is the S-Pen accessory on these devices.

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