Pics of White Galaxy S II i9100 Leaks

Only yesterday, the news of the white Galaxy S II i9100 for UK leaked and we’re so drooling over it even without having any chance to know how it would look because it was one strange no-pic-attached kinda leak. But no more. Just one day later, today, the leak mill has got us couple of pics of the android supreme Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100, posing its white colored body front and back.

It’s nice to see the full white front in addition to obvious white in phone’s back, since Samsung has been reluctant with white-front in the past — both its Galaxy S and Nexus S handsets feature a black front on the white back, but people still loved it, and same for us too. But we think the white front will be a big +1, even though it sadly reminds of the white i*hone 4 — you felt it too, right?

The leak comes form Expansys France, who claim that the white S II would be available by September in France, and will be costlier than usual at €590. In contrast, the UK will get the white sibling beginning August only, at least that’s what we heard yesterday.

So, who and who holding their breaths for the pure peaceful white Galaxy S II experience? And if you’re hearing us Samsung, why don’t you show the white i9100 yourself on your own webpages, the official touch would surely spice up the motivation of those looking to wait for it.

Via UnwiredView

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