Where is the new Free tab in Amazon Fire TV

Retail giant Amazon’s ‘Fire TV stick’ has been a decent alternative for cable users. In a bid to gain more users and set itself apart from the competition, Amazon has now added a new tab called ‘Free’ to give you all their free material for perusing. The feature arrives at a crucial time where users require entertainment, and live cable just cannot keep up.

Fire TV did already provide some content free of charge, but it was mixed within the different providers’ pages. The only way to find free content was to manually sift through all the provider’s content until you happened upon something free.

Where is the Free tab?

Amazon Fire TV’s new ‘Free’ tab can be accessed right from the home page.

This makes it easily accessible to new and old users alike. The new tab has been added to the top panel between ‘Your videos’ and ‘Movies’ tabs. Simply launch the Fire TV app and you should be able to see the ‘Free’ tab.

The content in the Free tab is, well, free but it’s ad-supported. So, expect some Ads while watching moves and TV shows under this tab.

Why can’t I find the Free tab?

Many users have complained that the Free tab is missing from their account. If you do not have the ‘Free’ tab in the top panel, it is because Amazon is still rolling out this update. The update will be made available to US users first. While there is no timeline as of yet, we are forced to assume that the Free tab will reach the rest of the world eventually.

How to force get the Free tab?

Well, you can’t, at least normally. As the feature is being rolled out gradually already to all the users, we suggest you wait for it.

Although, if you insist on it, here’s a common workaround that could work. You can reset your Fire TV to factory settings and then set it up again. This may get you the Free tab right away but there is no guarantee.

What do you get in the Free tab?

The new Free tab has been filled with content that has been made freely accessible by various providers. This includes thousands of free movies, TV shows, and more. Amazon states that the free content will be periodically refreshed to add more titles.

All the free content is broken down by category. It also includes a ‘Recommended’ tab that curates free content for you based on your viewing activity.

In addition, the new tab lists free applications like IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle, and more. Being an Amazon product, Amazon Prime members will have access to their Prime Video selection from the new Free tab.

This new addition to the Amazon Fire TV app is definitely going to make it easier to find free content. As mentioned above, the update is still only available to US users, but we should see it rolling out to the rest of us soon.