Where Is Mystique in Fortnite?

Epic Games has launched a collection of Marvel character skins on Fortnite that seem to be getting quite popular among players. Among these various skins you get access to iconic characters like Ironman, Groot, Wolverine and if you’re lucky, then even Deadpool. But the most sought-after skin among these choices seems to be the one for X-Men’s pivotal character, Mystique.

Mystique possesses shapeshifting powers in the comics and keeping true to her character, the developers at Fortnite have also added a bonus emote for this skin that allows you to shapeshift into the opponent you just killed. If you too are looking to jump on the bandwagon and try and obtain the Mystique skin then here is all you need to know.

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How to get Mystique

Mystique skin is part of the Battle Pass program in Fortnite. This means that you will have to purchase this season’s battle pass to get the mystique skin. Not only this, after purchasing the pass you will have to grind your character to level 80. The reward for reaching level 80 is the Mystique skin.

Unlike previous crossovers, Epic Games has decided to keep things a bit simple this time, and hence getting special skins like this is not that hard.

Moreover, getting skins does not mean that your superhero avatar is complete. Each superhero skin comes with its own set of unique challenges. Completing these challenges will help you unlock the final and true comic costume for your skin.

Moreover, you get access to additional perks like in Mystique’s case, you will get an emote that will allow you to shapeshift into the form of the opponent you just killed. This can come in pretty handy if you are playing a team-based match.

How to get shapeshifting emote and complete Mystique’s Awakening

To get the shape-shifting to emote for Mystique, you will need to complete the Mystique’s Awakening challenges within the game. Completing them will award you the new emote instantly and you will be able to continue to use it during that particular match. Let’s take a look at the challenges.

Use a Phone Booth as Mystique: After you have acquired your Mystique skin, apply it to your character, and head into the match. Ensure that you drop somewhere near ‘Doom’s Domains’ and then follow the map below to find the exact location of a phone booth.

Deal Damage with rarity pistols: This will be a bit of a tough one but it gets surprisingly easy once you get access to a rarity pistol. Upon acquiring one simply deal damage to either your opponent, henchmen, or anything that can be killed and you should be done with this part of the challenge.

Use the Emote: This is super simple. Simply get a kill in Fortnite and use the default Mystique emote when you kill your opponent after completing the tasks above. This will help you get the new shape-shifting to emote immediately.

And that’s it. You should now be able to transform into your opponent’s character with a single emote in the future using the Mystique skin. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


Image Credits: YouTube/Fortnite Events

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