WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Create AI Generated Images of Yourself Using Meta AI

What to know

  • The “Imagine me…” feature is being rumored in WhatsApp.
  • The feature will use Meta AI to create AI images of you based on your photo.
  • Although not official yet, we expect it to be made both official and available soon.

WhatsApp might be planning to let users use the Meta AI to create image of themselves using their own photos. The new feature will be called “Imagine me…” and to use it, you only need to provide a set of photos of yourself, which will help the Meta AI to create various versions of you based on those pics.

Discovered inside the code of WhatsApp beta version, it may come to fruition in the next weeks to months. Given the folks at WABetaInfo we also able to manufacture a screenshot of the said feature using the code present in the new version’s APK, we think it won’t take very long now. 

Users will be able to create AI-generated images of themselves by taking a set of setup photos. The new feature will be optional and require users to opt-in through the Meta AI settings.

To generate images, users can type “Imagine me” in Meta AI conversations or use “@Meta AI imagine me” in other chats. If you were concerned about privacy, you will be glad to know that Meta AI cannot read other messages, and the generated images are processed separately.
Lastly, users can delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.

This new (rumored) feature follows WhatsApp’s recent work on allowing users to choose between different Llama AI models for their interactions. Creating user avatars is aimed at enhancing personalization and user experience with the power of AI, Meta’s own Meta AI.

While the feature is not yet available to beta testers, it is expected to be released in a future update. WhatsApp continues to refine its AI capabilities, balancing innovation with user privacy and control.

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