WhatsApp to allow you to listen to Audio messages before sending them


This week, WhatsApp beta for Android was updated with a new feature that allows users to instantly switch between audio and video calls.

Even before this nifty feature gets to the stable channel, the chat app has already received another interesting feature that lets users listen to audio messages before sharing them with the intended recipients. Prior to this update, the voice messaging department of WhatsApp had received a feature that allows users to lock voice recording such that there’s no need to press and hold the microphone icon when recording audio messages.

Despite this addition, the feature was still not perfect. For instance, when recording a voice message and suddenly someone calls you on WhatsApp or via the normal phone call, the message was discarded. In addition, users couldn’t listen to the voice recording before sharing it, which is kind of strange. On the brighter side, the Facebook-owned chat app seems to have realized these problems and in the latest update, it’s making amends.

In the near future, your recorded voice messages will be saved locally so that if anything happens while recording, you’ll still get them. Whether you receive a call, close WhatsApp, your phone’s battery is low, maybe you want to forward/delete another message, switch to another chat or you want to view another message, the recording will still be there for you.


WhatsApp will present you with an indicator (above image) on the chat bar from where you can opt to listen to the message or even delete it if you want. Unfortunately, this feature has only been spotted in WhatsApp beta 2.18.10 for iOS, but of course, an update for Android and Windows Phone users is on the way.

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