What Happens When You Lock an App on iPhone

What to know

  • Locking an app on iPhone ensures that no one except you can access its content. 
  • Locked apps require Face ID authentication to open.
  • App notifications still arrive but their previews are hidden.

The ability to lock an app is a welcome addition on iOS 18. With it, you can let your friends borrow your phone without worrying about them opening the apps you don’t want them to. But exactly what does an app lock do? Let’s find out. 

What happens when you lock an app on iPhone

When you lock an app, no one except you can access it contents. The app will be visible on your Home Screen but it cannot be opened unless you authenticate with your Face ID. 

The notifications from the app will still come through. However, none of its content will appear in notification previews or Spotlight. Locking an app is the perfect way to protect sensitive content on your apps. 

How to lock an app on iPhone

Long press on the app you want to lock and select Require Face ID. When prompted, select Require Face ID again.

How to unlock an app on iPhone

Remove the lock from an app by long pressing on it and selecting Don’t Require Face ID.

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