Vivo V9 update: 1.9.7 OTA improves stability of camera operation, syncs new system patches, and more

Vivo V9 smartphone

Vivo V9 is one of the first phones to go full-on with respect to the iPhone X design, giving Android fans who like what Apple did with the design of its flagship phone and all of its notch glory a chance to enjoy a similar design experience at a much lower cost.

Although it came in powered by the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, this is no reason for Vivo not to keep pushing smaller upgrades to improve the general stability of the device. The Chinese OEM only needed a week to do so following the phone’s launch, where a new update with software version 1.9.1 was released. This update brought an improved fingerprint scanning and password unlocking experience, improved and stabilized app duplication fun, optimized network adaptability for a more stable network connection and whatnot.

Well, this was just the first of many other updates we expect to see Vivo pushing to the Vivo V9 in the coming future. On this page, you’ll find all the details you need to know regarding Vivo V9 updates, including details on when to expect Android P.

Vivo V9 update
First Vivo V9 update

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Vivo V9 Android P update

Expected release date: Q1 2019

Device  Current OS  Android P
Vivo V9  Android 8.1  Expected, although not confirmed by Vivo

As noted, Vivo V9 comes preinstalled with Android 8.1 Oreo, the latest version of Oreo available. This means no more Oreo OS upgrades are expected, but given the company hasn’t confirmed about the V9’s Android P status and the fact that it has a not-so-reliable track record in software updates, we can only wish that the V9 gets P, even if the wait goes all the way to Q1 or even Q2 2019.

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vivo v9 update

Vivo V9 updates timeline

 Date  Software version  Android OS  Changelog
21 Apr 2018 1.9.7 Android 8.1 Synced system patches for improved system stability, improved system operation, optimized 3rd party app compatibility, improved network connectivity, improved stability of network-related functions, improved stability of camera operation.
09 Apr 2018 1.9.1 Android 8.1 Improved fingerprint and password unlocking, system optimizations and other improvements
03 Apr 2018 1.8.8 Android 8.1 NA
NA 1.7.4 Android 8.1 Pre-installed

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