Verizon releases Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update too!

Update: Odin TAR of PD1 build has been added to our S5 firmware page now, so that you can upgrade your Verizon S5 to Marshmallow yourself without needing the OTA update.

We just reported that Galaxy Tab S2 6.0 update is out at Verizon, and now we’ve learned — albeit a bit late, as this was out even before the Tab S2’s Marshmallow — that the Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update is available too. The build no. of the 6.0 update for Verizon Galaxy S5 is G900VVRU2DPD1 (stock Android build being MMB29M).

Let’s call this the PD1 update for Verizon S5, and it being based Android 6.0, the update gets you coolest of features Android has on offer. You Your device’s battery life should receive a boost thanks to introduction of Doze mode, while the app permissions features lets you control which apps get what permissions on your device with the ability to enable/disable each of such permissions.

The Google Now adds one insane feature too, and that’s Now on Tap, that suggest you stuff using Google’s search power, based on the info available on your current screen, which is where you call Now on Tap in action with a simple long press of Home button.

Other than Marshmallow features, Verizon is enabling Wi-Fi calling, so that you can make calls (basic phone stuff/purpose) even when network is not available while WiFi is. This call to all US numbers is free, while chargeable for outside US calls. To activate this, go to Settings, Advanced calling, Activate advanced calling.

The update also freshens up the looks and feel of the device thanks to changes in UI, and enables Hi-Fi Audio too.

verizon s5 Marshmallow update

To check for an Verizon S5 PD1 update, look for the system update in Settings. It’s a gradual rollout, so it could take a week or more for this to become available on all devices around the world.

A firmware, when available, can be found at our firmware page linked below. Keep checking that page every now and often if you wish to upgrade your Verizon Galaxy S5 to Marshmallow without waiting for the OTA.

Galaxy S5 Firmware

Earlier, another Galaxy S5 variant received the Android 6.0 update, model no. SM-G900H, of which we shared the firmware too.

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