Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S5 devices rooted, finally!

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the current flagship device of Samsung company which is packed with a multitude of mind-boggling features. The Galaxy S5 devices are launched earlier this year and kept their pace till date. The Galaxy S5 offers a butter smooth experience to the user and would easily suffice most of the categories of the market. However developers and advanced users always intend to get the best out of the device even if it’s a Flagship and top-end device, the device is no good to them if it’s not ROOTED.

However the scenario was quite different for the Galaxy S5 devices launched under the AT&T and Verizon carriers. Both these devices are pretty tough shells and persistent to the prevailing root methods which made them more challenging. The XDA community had also announced a $18,000 bounty on both these devices for the developer who exploits these two devices with a root method. It looks like geohot from XDA community is the one who won this bounty just now and he is throwing a party by offering the root to Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S5 devices.

It’s time for the proud users of Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S5 users to join the party by rooting their devices at will. According the developer, Towelroot is a simple one-click application that will root your Galaxy S5 device with in no time. The root will work on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5, the AT&T Galaxy S4 Active, and the Nexus 5 devices. However the root may work on some more device whose kernel build date is before June 3, 2014.

The Towelroot app is simple yet powerful, just install the app and tap the make it ra1n button and wait for the magic to happen (which it will in a few seconds). The developer also claims that his rooted device is still showing KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0 which means the Knox security stays intact after the root, however there are no promises on the warranty front and you should root your device at your own will.

So don’t get late for the party, grab the Towelroot apk from the below link and root your AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5 to join the party.

Towelroot apk  download link.