Update Sony Tablet S Effortlessly Using ‘OTA-Autodownloader’ Tool

For those looking for a simple way of updating their Sony Tablet S firmware along with the option to save new updates to their PC need look no further. XDA member condi has come up with an OTA-Autodownloader tool that is a fully automatic tool that lets you update your Tablet S to the latest OTA (Over the Air) updates, while at the same time making a backup of every update on your PC so you can use them later if you want to.

That’s not all the tool does though. It also lets you install firmware updates on your Tablet S that are not for your region or are not exactly newer than the firmware on your device. It does so by fooling the device to think that the firmware currently installed is an older version than the one currently available, allowing you to update.

Another function that the tool performs is protect it against a ‘bootloop’. Many things such as unofficially updating the device often lead to a bootloop which is a state in which the device totally stops responding. The OTA-Autodownloader tool makes a couple of changes on your Tablet S to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

All in all, this is a pretty handy tool that you can use for your Tablet S. The best part is, it is fully automatic, so the only thing you have to do is connect your Tablet S to the computer and run the tool, then sit back and relax as it works its magic. Visit the original development page for more details on the OTA-Autodownloader too and to download the tool. Happy updating!