Update rolling out for Sprint Galaxy S2 as well as ZTE Fury. Not Jelly Bean though.

Sprint has started rolling out a couple of system updates for the  Sprint Galaxy S2 and the ZTE Fury. The Sprint Galaxy S2 is receiving a maintenance update which changes its software version to S:D710:10S:F127. It is supposed to fix some existing issues with VPN and MMS over 3G. The update will also let the user customize the “Out Of Office” message in the native e-mail app. Minor updates, but welcome fixes nevertheless.

The ZTE Fury is also getting its software version bumped up to N850V1.0.0B14. The update provides some improvements to battery life, and fixes speakerphone bugs that existed in earlier versions of the firmware. The Network Options menu under Settings has also been enhanced.

Users expecting a Jelly Bean update ahead of the holiday season will be disappointed for sure. But hey, look at it this way – Both these devices don’t exactly fall under the “recent additions”  category, and it is nice to see that Sprint still cares enough about its customers who are using older devices, to send some improvement updates their way.

If you’re on Sprint and using either of the above devices, do tell us about your experience after applying the new updates

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  1. You can tell the minor improvements work. I have a Galaxy SII and actually had problem before this update.

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