Upcoming Huawei ARS Android phone leaks out at TENAA

Huawei recently launched the Honor 8X Max in China and is getting ready to announce the Mate 20 series next month, but it appears that the company is not done just yet.

An unknown Huawei phone with model numbers ARS-TL00 has stopped at China’s certification body, TENAA, but details of what exactly this phone is remain unknown. From the listing, though, we have the phone’s images that give us an early look at the side, front and back panels, confirming that the device will, basically, be a rebranded Honor 8X Max, this time with “Huawei” and not “Honor” scribbled on the back panel.

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The ARS-TL00 model looks a lot like the Honor 8X Max with its teardrop-style notch, a vertically arranged dual-lens camera on the back located in the top left corner, and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, but the branding tells us that it won’t be a device under the Honor brand, rather, it will be under the parent company, Huawei.

With Huawei throwing around devices like always, it’s hard to tell which device the ARS model is, but now that it has made a stop at TENAA, it won’t be long before more details about it emerge.

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