Unofficial AT&T One X Unlock Trick Uses to Say Goodbye to Locked Bootloaders

Leave it to the great minds at the XDA developers community to come up with solutions to problems that us mortals would deem unsolvable. As you may know, AT&T recently put off many customers by deciding that the bootloader on the One X on their network won’t be supported by the bootloader unlocking program of HTC’s. Unlocking the bootloader is necessary to be able to install custom ROMs and hacks on the device, so a lot of custom ROM-loving users were unhappy about it.

But where there is a will, there is a way. XDA Senior Member grankin01 has come up with an unofficial method to unlock the bootloader on the AT&T One X, which uses HTC’s own to do so, even though they don’t officially support the AT&T One X. However, the process to unlock the bootloader is quite complex, so it’s only recommended for those who are experienced enough and are willing to take the risk. 

So in case you’re brave enough and want to unlock the bootloader on your AT&T One X, head over to the official instructions page and start reading. Be sure to go through the whole procedure carefully, or you might just end up with a bricked device. Let us know how it works for you, in the comments below.