U Connect Lite is a Very Addicitve and Fun Android Game. Weekend Special!

U Connect Lite

Wouldn’t it be nice to play a simple puzzle game with extreme fun and addiction this weekend. Well, head over to U connect lite, a free android game that tests you finger’s compatibility with the craziness of your brain. Oh yes, this is yet another weekend pickup game after Shoot U Lite!


  • It’s intelligent, fun, brain-testing and very very easy going (interesting!). All you need is a working brain:)
  • Playable by people of all ages (from youngest to eldest member in your house, literally!)
  • You gotta simply connect all the dots on the screen
  • If you thought what’s the big deal, note that you can’t retrace your steps that’s where and how the fun begins!)
  • Different backgrounds available to suit your mood
  • Lite version boasts of 50 puzzles
  • Get the pro version costing $0.99 to get 950 more puzzles, making the total to 1000 puzzles (think that will cover more than one weekend, if not the whole month?)

Latest version: 1.1

Compatibility: Works with all android versions

Download the U Connect Lite for Free.

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Android Market Link, Official Page.

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